Editor’s note: Overall, we like MUSCLE MX RECOVERY CBD BALM and the variety of terpenes present in it for rapid pain relief, however we recommend CBD Oil Biotech CBD Cream 1500MG and Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balm as our top recommended CBD balms for pain management. Check out our best CBD balms list here.

The CBD oil used in the Muscle MX products contains only a small amount of four cannabinoids besides CBD. However, the terpene profile is outstanding. The variety of terpenes present in small amounts is one of the best we have seen so far.

They have two fast-absorbing balms infused with vibrant CBD. Unfortunately, they do not offer any CBN products.


  • Full Spectrum

    Pretty much CBD isolate with extremely little amount of other cannabinoids

  • Guaranteed

    30-Day customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Value

    Average value


Muscle MX also offers Activate CBD Balm. Muscle MX formulated this CBD Workout balm, especially to heat up muscles before exercise. Use Activate on your muscles, joints, and tendons before any activity for maximum performance.

The maximum amount of CBD is only 350mg.


If you are suffering from the injury or some muscle pain, don’t get this on your nerves, Muscle MX Recovery CBD balm brings the fascinating cooling balm. Cannabidiol is phytocannabinoid, a component of marijuana that is a natural remedy effective for various health problems.

CBD oil extract from cannabinoids can be used for acne, muscle pain, aches, and other diseases. Muscle MX recovery balm is made from cannabinoid oil that soothes the muscle in no time and gives a relieving effect.

When someone’s hit strenuous exercise, muscle fibers become affected, to rebuild the muscle, CBD balm can be used. In the case of severe injury, when the tissue is destroyed, active recovery occurs by the dampening effect of ointment. Grab the fantastic CBD balm now as the properties are following:

  • Soothes the pain in no time and recover the damaged muscles.
  • Helps in reducing stress and anxiety because our body has an endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids in the oil bind to our neurotransmitters and relieve pressure from the back.
  • Several essential oils are made from cannabinoid oil that are reactive for joints pain, tendons, and aches.
  • 100% of organic ingredients are used to make CBD balm that has non-greasy consistency.
  • The USA product indulges with no effect of nausea or vomiting while applying it on the surface.
  • Muscle MX ensures full warrantee and authentication of the product that entails the priceless combo of relief and comfort of mind.
  • If you get any discomfort with the product, you can turn it within the time limit of 30 days with a full money return policy.
  • It is approved with the laboratory analysis and proper tryout of the ingredients.
  • 350mg CBD balm costs $39.99 with ultra-cooling relief that is better for muscle distress.

Get your order now for any muscle discomfort and check out the FAQs for further information.




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