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Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Oral Drops – 1000MG


LT Pain Master CBD Oil features 1000mg of high-quality CBD sourced from organic hemp oil and endorsed by Lawrence Taylor. These concentrated CBD oral drops are designed with the athlete in mind.LT CBD Oil is made with hemp oil cannabidiol extract from 100% legal, organic industrial hemp grown in the USA. If you are an athlete or an active individual this CBD oil is designed for you.If you want more, look to no further than to LT.



What exactly are Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Oral Drops?

A topical CBD lotion is specially constructed with an athlete and sportsperson in mind and confirmed by National Football League famed Lawrence Taylor. The amazing cream from Lawrence Taylor collection just starts its action when it comes in contact with skin.

No matter how hardworking you’re, this CBD lotion is made to give you the best pain consolation, and if you’re an athlete or active person in general, then this CBD oil is specially catered towards you.

Why you should use Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Oral Drops?

Cannabis oil is somewhat helpful in relieving. This collection launched by Lawrence Taylor Pain expert CBD (Cannabis) oil spotlights 1000 milligrams of best quality CBD sourced from Organic hemp oil and approved by Lawrence Taylor himself.

These Concentrated, rich, and thick CBD lotions and ointments are made to give you the very best pain comfort, relaxation, and solace. Without sensing you in euphoria. If you tried many brands with chemicals and no exception or relief still, then look to Lawrence Taylor products because they will be your friend till last by providing you with the best relief.

Weight of Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Oral Drops: 1000 milligrams.

Ingredients list of Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Oral Drops

USP grade vegetable glycerine. What is USP grade vegetable glycerine pharmaceutical-grade glycerine suitable for food and cosmetics(VG) a USP product is FDA approved,

Natural flavors, Propylene Glycol  CBD hemp oil (cannabis oil) and natural flavors.

About Lawrence Taylor

If you know about the National Football league, then you may be aware of the player Lawrence Taylor. He is fully aware of the criteria of athletes, which cause them pain from high-intensity activities and sports. So Lawrence crafted a line exclusively for Athletes and made high and best quality products.

These structures are specifically formulated for serious aches and injuries; these CBD products are designed well from raw hemp oil and packed full of raw and natural ingredients to help sore and relieve sore muscles. We have tried third party testing with all products to assure all purity and efficacy. Check out the Lawrence Taylor collection of high standard CBD products, which includes pain and injury relief topical creams and lotions.




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