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MediPets CBD Oil for Cats – Strong Strength – 50mg (30ml)


MediPets CBD Oil Cats is a 100% natural, CBD hemp oil product for cats that’s made with organic flavoring. You may have heard of CBD for dogs or CBD for pets, but MediPets CBD Oil for Cats is CBD just for cats!With 25mg of CBD per bottle, MediPets Cats is recommended for pets weighing up to 24 lbs. CBD Dosage & Feeding Instructions:Use 8-10 drops of CBD Oil for Cats on your pet’s food, treats, or water bowl 1-2 times a day depending on your pet’s condition.This CBD product is intended for cats between 0 lbs and 24 lbs and contains 25mg of CBD oil.Do the best for your furry best friend— give them MediPets CBD Oil Cats… the 100% natural CBD pet alternative!



What exactly is MediPets CBD Oil for Cats?

The Medipets CBD oil for cats is an organic product and is created with natural flavors. There is a chance that you might have heard about CBD for pets or CBD for dogs. Now introducing the new Medipets CBD oil for cats that is solely made for your cats.

Per CBD bottle consists of 50mg. Medipet Cats is highly recommended for pets that weigh at least up to 24lbs, not less than that.

How should you use MediPets CBD Oil for Cats?

Use about 8-10 drops of the CBD oil for cats over the food, treats, or water of your pet. Do this at least 1-2 times per day. This solely depends upon the condition of your pets.

This CBD product contains up to 50mg of natural and organic CBD oil and is created for cats that weigh from 0lbs to 24lbs. Give the ultimate best to your companion pet. And by best, we mean MediPets CBD oil for cats, which is 100% organic!

Weight of MediPets CBD Oil for Cats: 50mg

Ingredients list of MediPets CBD Oil for Cats:

The ingredients used are Industrial Hemp CBD, Vegetable Glycerin(VG), Propylene(PG).

About MediPets

­If you are searching for the superior quality of pet CBD oils and products, then Medipet has your back. It is a trusted brand that provides the best of the best quality of products. It makes sure to encourage the goodness and wellness of your pet. It brings THC free and 100% organic CBD products that are properly formulated by professional pharmacists.

The most important aspect and motive of people who own pets are to make sure that they provide top quality products to their pets that will be beneficial for the pets to live longer. Each and every Medipets product is introduced and produced in the USA. They are made from organic and natural industrial hemp by using a professional and extensive extraction method.

Third-party laboratory testing is conducted on these products to make sure that their purity and consistency are 100% efficient. The results of these tests are considered for reviews. So if you are looking for treats for your adorable pets, then make sure to check out MediPets CBD-infused pet products.


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